Frontend Developer

Utrecht – 32-40 hours/week

Do you want to work as a frontend developer at a rapidly growing, young HR-tech company? Do you think of working on an application with a fast growing userbase as an exciting challenge? And do you want to use and develop best practices as unit testing and SOLID in your daily work? In that case, we’re looking for you!

Our Codebase

The last 5 years we’ve, always together with our customers, created an online application (.NET Core & Angular) that we’re proud of as a company and as developers! Because customers also think of the application as very user-friendly, we are growing rapidly. 

As the development team we’re working on new features that make our customers happy on a daily basis. We don’t compromise on the quality of the codebase, and we made sure unit testing and SOLID principles are at the core of our workflow. We are constantly learning from one another to create code that is flexible, maintainable and free of bugs.

What will you do?

You’ll be working in a scrum team with 11 colleagues – 7 developers, 2 designers and a 2 QA engineers. In 3-weekly sprints you build new functionality and improvements for our online platform, always based upon feedback from clients.

Together with one of your colleagues you start working on a ticket and create a plan based on the requirements. This is your starting point for building the functionality. You use Test Driven Development (TDD) to write red unit tests and create code to make those unit tests pass. Your creativity, technical skills and eagerness to learn helps you to write high quality code that is reusable and easy to read. You use our very practical best practices to use SOLID-principles in your daily work, and together we get better at this every day.

Together with your colleagues you choose the tickets that fit you best. You can choose to work mainly on frontend (Angular 14 / Typescript), backend (.NET Core / Entity Framework / C#) or both. A lot of developers at Dialog like to do a little bit of both (full-stack) while still having a specific expertise.

On top of this, you’re always helping your colleagues to become better developers. You share knowledge, give feedback and are open to help with complex problems. We have the ambitious goal to ship bug-free code and you are essential to reaching this goal!

We offer

What we ask of you


Feel free to send an email or just give Jesse Buitenhuis a call ( or 06-24276374).

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